Thursday, November 10, 2016

President Elect Donald Trump and Other Post Election Thoughts

Well, Tuesday was some night for many of us and unfortunately for me, I overdid things making the upper respiratory infection that was nearly gone return. While I’m physically having some breathing problems, I can say that mentally, emotionally, and spiritually the atmosphere has lifted allowing me to metaphorically breathe easier. Time to ramble a bit for posterity.

President Trump. A year ago I was telling people to get used to saying this only to be greeted by laughter.

Not so funny now for the people who listened to the liars of the mainstream media and I actually am worried for those who are overwrought enough to demand violence. A lot of people have been misled to the point they no longer know what is real and what isn’t, what is true and what is lies, and what really matters and what does not. Having a nerve wracking election season followed by the most nail biting election night did not help matters in making the political left ragingly distraught.

So many pundits and “experts” got this election wrong that it was shocking to see the outcome for a large amount of people across the political spectrum. Those of us who use the deeply secretive and mystical ability called listening were not so surprised. Listening to people belonging to all classes is work in a society where being narcissistic is the norm, so it has become a rare trait to exhibit. There has been a huge amount of anger building over the economy, America’s place in the world, and most of all the stifling atmosphere called political correctness.

Political correctness is a form of bullying and bullies may be feared, but they are not loved. This is why Trump not only won, but had big coattails down the ballot across the country. Hillary Clinton is an abrasive, dictatorial person and as a candidate that showed all too often with only the media to cover it up. On top of that, she inherited the effects of the oppressive denigration toward the working class and rural America that has flowed out of the Obama Administration for nearly eight years.

Being treated unfairly and dishonestly generates great resentment and Tuesday that resentment boiled over. Here in Minnesota, it cost the DFL the state senate and increased the majority the Republicans hold in the state house. Sadly, the never Trumper’s voting third party lost MN for Trump in a Presidential race which was astoundingly close. More locally, angry conservatives who were supporters of a different candidate cost us the Congressional District 1 race. Jim Hagedorn lost by roughly 3,000 votes and I’m sorry to say my county failed him again. Greg Davids won 28B handily despite better than half a million spent against him while Jeremy Miller crushed Pieper in the senate race.

A hidden part of the story of the election is how Republicans won at all levels in many states despite being deeply split. That was the coattail effect in action. I can remember arguing with other activists over Trump’s down ticket influence earlier in the year with them adamant he’d lose in a landslide and cost us the U.S. Senate.

So here we are today, with the incoming President, House, Senate, and shortly after, Supreme Court in GOP hands. More state governors and legislatures are Republican than any time since the 19th Century. Not only did the Minnesota Senate flipped, Iowa and Kentucky are now completely in GOP control.

It wasn’t only the Democrats who were losers in the election. The Libertarian Party ran a decidedly big government idiot in Johnson and if there was a year for third parties to shine it would have been this one. His totals bordered on statistical noise in the end. Evan McMullin, Mitt Romney, the Bush family, and all the other never Trumpers ended up looking like the fools they are. Saying goodbye to both the Clinton and Bush families having major sway in national politics is something to celebrate.

The fear of Adolph Trump will be a thing for awhile. Everybody is Hitler who isn’t a Democrat, until they loose and then they are considered human again. Trump is not a conservative, he is a moderate closer to what Democrats used to be fifty years ago. He isn’t going to be a dictator. He’s a business man who depends on choosing the right people to do the actual work while he supervises, which is something very different than what life long politicians do.

Obama was elected as a uniter and really was a divider. Trump is viewed as a divider and I would not be surprised if he ends up a uniter. The media has created an illusion of what he’s about in order to get Hillary elected and will continue to attack him since he isn’t one of them. Despite that, President Trump will most likely reach out directly to the public much like how he campaigned. He’s very serious about trying to rebuild the country into something prosperous and vibrant again.

We are in new political territory here. Both parties essentially shattered in failure, yet failed to vanish or be replaced. Instead, there is a profound rearrangement of constituency and policy underway that will be most fascinating to watch unfold. I’m hesitant to predict just what the Republican and Democratic parties will be when the changes lock in for there is a lot of things to consider.

One thing I can guarantee is that things are going to be different now. Trump was given a huge mandate and he’s an actual doer rather than just sayer of words. He will more than likely offend conservatives and progressives alternately as he tries to find the best way to repair the badly damaged nation. Therefore, it will be a bumpy ride no matter what.

I’ve said to people one of my fears is that Trump would be a good president. Why? Because conservatism will be badly damaged was my reply. Yet I have had to face this country is well on its way to going left socially and eventually politically too. At this point, all I want is my constitutional rights preserved, especially the Bill of Rights, First and Second Amendments.

I think that’s a done deal now.

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