Movie Reviews

The African Queen
Animal Crackers
Batman Begins
Battle of Britain 
Beowulf (2007)
The Big Sleep (1946 and 1945)
The Black Hole
The Bobo
The Brides of Dracula
The 'Burbs
Captain America: The First Avenger 
Children Who Chase Lost Voices
Citizen Kane
The Cocoanuts
The Curse of Frankenstein
The Curse of the Werewolf
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight Rises
Dracula (1931)
Dracula (1931 Spanish Version)
Eddie and the Cruisers
Forbidden Planet
Frankenstein (1931)
Gamera the Giant Monster 
Gammera the Invincible
Gamera: MST3K (1991)
Gamera: Guardian of the Universe
Gamera 2: Advent of Legion
Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris
Gojira (1954)
Godzilla, King of the Monsters
Godzilla Raids Again
King Kong vs. Godzilla
Gojira (1984)
Godzilla vs Biollante
Godzilla (1998)
Godzilla 2000
Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidora
Godzilla: Tokyo SOS
The Gorgon

Horror of Dracula 
Howl's Moving Castle
The Invisible Boy
The Last Starfighter
The Legend of Hell House 
Love and Honor
Man of Steel
Millennium Actress
Monkey Business
The Mummy 
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind 
Nobody Knows
Only Yesterday
Pacific Rim 
The Phantom of the Opera (1962)
Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Spirited Away
Stargate: Continuum
Star Trek (2009)
Stephen King's It
Summer Wars
Thirteen Days
TRON: Legacy
Varan the Unbelievable
Whisper of the Heart 
The Watcher in the Woods
The Wrong Box

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