Monday, June 07, 2010

A Society That Can’t Protect Itself…

… Is a society that will collapse.  That appears to be the case in the United Kingdom as the disarmed populace and police officers were in no position to stop their latest spree killer

At some point this unwillingness to defend their people has to be considered madness, one would think.  Bird was armed with a .22 rifle and a shotgun, but was able to kill as many people as the Fort Hood shooter who had a semi-automatic pistol.  With a mostly unarmed police force, the Brits failed to stop a murderer when they couldn’t shoot back.  Governments exist to protect their people from harm and instill order of some kind; that is the most basic tenet of governance. 

This makes me grateful to life in a country that has the right to bear arms and hasn’t forgotten that deadly force is needed to stop such murderers.  Well, at least for the moment.

A bill has been proposed in New York state to limit police officer to shooting to wound arms and legs.  Anyone who has fired a pistol knows it isn’t like the movies and that they aren’t that precise.  Police officers aren’t going to be in range conditions being able to take their shots slowly and methodically without any incoming lead.  Simply put, there is no way “shoot to wound” can be done!

We are living in an era of dangerous stupidity.